The pine and spruce growing in the harsh Nordic conditions are incredibly durable and tight-grained. The Kainuu region is home to the finest Nordic wood, and the raw material used at Kuhmo Oy comes from local sustainably managed forests. We make every effort to minimise waste and offcut in our production processes, and ensure that any by-products are recovered for further use in optimal applications.

Kuhmo Oy’s sawn timber is strong and sturdy, just like the king of the Finnish forests: the brown bear, or Ursus arctos in Latin. This likeness inspired us to use URSUS as the shipping mark for our products.

URSUS products are manufactured at our modernised, state-of-the-art production facilities located in Kuhmo, in the heart of the Kainuu region.

Karhu selällään | Kuhmo
Karhu selällään | Kuhmo

We manufacture a wide range of high-quality products for the packaging and construction industries, the carpentry and furniture industries, and the construction and prefabricated home industries.


Kuhmo Oy’s shipping mark URSUS is known globally. Our modern production facilities and versatile procurement process enable us to offer the most comprehensive product range on the market. We produce sawn timber of pine and spruce according to customer specifications. Pine logs are sorted by quality and top diameter according to the different end product applications. From spruce logs, we cut standard products, and also a wide range of special dimensions.

Our products are used by various sectors that use timber, such as construction, infrastructure building, furniture and packaging industry.

Log sorting

Logs are sorted by size, volume and quality according to product-spesific requirements.

Top log (C)

Sound-knotted joinery products
Glue boards
Interior paneling

Middle log (B)

Door frames
Trusses and joints
Glued laminated timber

Butt log (A)

High-quality joinery products
Door and window frames
Interior panelling
Glued laminated timber

Karhu selällään | Kuhmo

100% of the heat energy used to power our production comes from renewable sources, and in excess of 70% of the electricity we use is renewable energy.

Karhu selällään | Kuhmo


All by-products from our operations are utilised fully in appropriate applications. Our by-products include pulp chip, sawdust, bark and dry chip.

A significant portion of these is used in combined electricity and heat production by Kuhmon Lämpö Oy. The boilers of the company are located in the sawmill area and produce all of the heat energy for the town of Kuhmo and Kuhmo Oy and 70% of the electricity used by the sawmill.

Other applications for our by-products include the following:

  • Pulp chips are used as a raw material in biorefineries
  • Sawdust is pressed into briquettes, which customers use as fuel or raw material
  • Dry chip, sawdust and bark is also delivered to third parties to fuel their electricity and heat production.

Please contact Managing Director Tommi Ruha for more information on by-products.


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Our experienced sales team is at your service on every business day of the year. They will be happy to help you choose the right products from our extensive range of pine and spruce sawn timber. We believe our long-term customer relationships in 30 countries worldwide speak for high customer satisfaction. If you need premium Nordic sawn timber, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.

Karhu selällään | Kuhmo