Kuhmo Oy

Kuhmo Oy is a Finland-based sawmill company with an international presence and with our business deeply rooted in the lush green forests of Kainuu. We buy locally grown pine and spruce, and make every effort to minimise waste and offcut. Our product range offers an exceptionally large selection of tight-grained, durable Nordic wood.

Karhu selällään | Kuhmo
We are committed to upholding the principles of ecologically, socially and economically sustainable forestry. The economic wellbeing of the town of Kuhmo and the entire Kainuu region has always been strongly linked to forests, which is why healthy and thriving forest ecosystems are vital not only for our company, but for the entire region’s economy.

Active and continuous dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders is an integral part of our business. We acknowledge our social responsibility and openly share information about our policies, environmental principles and the impact of our operations on nature and the environment.


We deliver flawless sawn timber that has been cut, dried and sorted according to the customer’s specifications. Our deliveries are always on time.

To make sure we get things right the first time, we make careful plans and set targets together with our customers. At Kuhmo Ltd, overall quality also covers environmental, health and safety aspects. Every member of our staff is responsible for maintaining and improving overall quality.
Karhu selällään | Kuhmo